In His Hands

Puzzled (Photo credit: AceFrenzy)

My story is a part of His story. A puzzle piece to a great, beautiful kingdom masterpiece. He is sanding my rough edges and placing me in the angled area created for me to fit perfect.

His love lavishes upon me and I am not forsaken. My diagnosis is against the flesh but how will I let it effect my spirit and my soul? Sanding down these edges hurts. I endure but I do so with the understanding that He who sands me, He who molds me to fit, His intentions are only for good. He allowed this and will use this for far greater purposes than my limited vision can behold. These potters hands, mold me beautiful and mold me with love, always with the masterpiece in mind. Love. Tenderness. Grace. This is the Potter. This is One who graciously forms me and molds me into Him.

Can joy exist in this molding, sanding process? I say yes! I choose YES! Life in Him is joy in the Spirit. Joy does not come from meeting my expectations or experiences in this life. Joy comes from His presence! (Psalm 16:11)

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