We All Focus On Something

Meditation can be powerful, life changing and even life saving but it all depends on what we mediate on. In my Neurology Now magazine and in a Relevant digital magazine I read about similar studies done on the effect of meditation on patients. Many of the patients took time to pray to God, worship and focus their mind on breathing and healing.

It wasn’t so much that they “meditated” as much as what they focused on. When the focus is in optimism, truth, strength, and God in all His glory the lives were changed for the better. Some of the patients weren’t healed of their pain but they did experience a relief from their pain that medicine could not give them.

We all focus on something. Many of us focus on the fears and possibilities or impossibilities. Many of us cut short our dreams because we limit our imagination or limit what our God can do. Many of us live in the what if’s and ironically walk ourselves into the very thing we fear because that was our focus, it was our gaze.

What do we do when the uncertain future has the possibilities of becoming so grim? Do we mentally walk down the road of uncertainties? My only reason for suggesting not to take that journey is because we have trouble envisioning God there. He is here right now. He is with us in the present and He will be there in the future, tomorrow and in years to come but in our imagination we can’t possibly grasp how we will handle the “what if’s” of life. We must choose to see today and rejoice in Him walking with us today.

God tells us to think on things that are true, noble and excellent, lovely and lovable, pure and of good report, whatever is kind and winsome and gracious, that of virtue and last but not least anything worthy of praise! We are to practice thinking on things that fall under these categories and if it doesn’t fall under this category then we need to cast it down! (Phil. 4:8-9)

We are to refute any arguments and theories and reasonings and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself against the true knowledge of God; and we are to lead every thought and purpose away captive into the obedience of Christ. (2 Cor. 10:4-5) We  see so dimly. Why strain to see what we cannot know and produce a throb of fear that can lead us to dark dungeon captivity? We can walk in freedom today knowing that know matter what the future holds He will be there and will carry us?  We must take those thoughts that are not well and cast them to the pit of hell. Do not let those dark thoughts lead your way!
When I  awake in the middle of the night and my arms are painfully heavy I have to choose to stop my mind before it runs to the future looking for grim. When I exert my body or the temperature is just a wee bit too warm and my legs feel like someone is wrapping their arms around them and pulling me down I have to choose to believe that I can keep strong by choosing to exercise my body every day and to speak healing over myself. I do not know God’s specific plans for my life. I do know that He will be there. I do know that He is using the heaviness in my spirit at times to fill me up with Him and He is using the heaviness of body to do far greater than I could ever imagine.

There are few days that go by that I do not thank God for healing, for strength and for life. My body feels like it is going to shrivel up and become lame but I don’t let it. I keep moving it, keep stretching it, keep pushing it and keep persevering towards healing. If I don’t, who will do it for me? We are all making choices and those choices lead us to our future health, spiritual state, family vitality, interpersonal relationships and so much more. What path do you want to be on? Choose today.

Lord, thank you for being my strength today. Thank you for upholding my friends who read. You love each one of them. Even as you have allowed the physical trials or emotional and mental trials in our lives, you are setting us free from this fleshly body and giving us whole, perfect bodies some day. Our hope is in you. Help us to see you and breathe you in during the painful moments, during the sorrowful moments, during the difficult moments. Thank you for singing over us, setting your banner of love over us and thank  you that we do not have to be ruled by lies but free in your truth. Help us to speak truth to ourselves and help us be disciplined to practice the habit every day of refusing to believe the lies and to choose to believe your truths. You are good Lord. You are good to us. Thank you!


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