Accepting Your Limitations

I don’t like to be limited. I don’t like to be limited by anything or anybody. Pride is at the root of this self driven me and it can so quickly lead to downfall after downfall after downfall. Being aware of our limitations, acknowledging them and living in them is a humble place to be. Some of us transition beautifully into this place and many of scream and kick the whole way there and back.

A day at the Science Discovery Center a couple of weeks ago would require a lot from my quickly weakened legs. I knew I could walk and find a seat when I needed it but in  my reality it could be more often than I would want to miss the full of expression joy of my kiddos and the exhibits. I didn’t want to miss out but I also didn’t want to HAVE to pull my walker out of that black protective bag it’s been in for the six months or so.  I didn’t want to be identified as a young woman in need of a walker again and the focus of curious eyes settling on me.  I had to accept my reality, humble myself and pull my maroon assistance out of its bag.

We weren’t at the center very long before I saw a beautiful little girl, around age three, her eyes lit up when she saw me with my walker. Her eyes scanned me, then the walker. As she moved towards me I encouraged her to keep on, keeping on. Her legs, crooked, were dependent on her walker. She didn’t have a choice. If she wanted to walk it was with a walker. Her fragile little body was fully dependent.

It was later that day I spoke with her mother for just a moment. She told me how excited her daughter was that she was not the only one. She had said, “Mama did you see that she had a walker too?”

I have a walker too. Sometimes a limp. Sometimes pain. We both needed help and it was okay. Comforted, she pressed on so long during the day her mother said, “I won’t take the excuse from her, ‘Mommy, I can’t walk’ again. Her mother was blown away at her little girl’s endurance.

Had I kept my weakness hidden I would have missed out on ministering to that precious little girl. Had I kept my pride intact she would have felt like she was the only one and so alone that she couldn’t keep pressing on.

My friends, don’t cover up your weaknesses, don’t pretend they aren’t there. We have a God who makes what the world calls pip squeaks into mighty men and women of God. Look at Gideon! Look at the harlot in whom God used to rescue his people. He uses the outcasts. He uses us and exalts us  when we humble ourselves under His mighty hand. We can safely acknowledge our weakness and  then point to our victorious Strength! We can actually boast in these weaknesses that the power of God would rest upon us! Hallelujah! Christ is risen, Christ is strength, Christ can do anything in me and through me! I don’t have to be strong. You don’t have to be strong. You don’t have to feel good every day. Acknowledge your struggles, humble yourself, let the Lord minister to your soul, give you rest, and use you to minister to another hurting, needy soul.

For when we are weak, then we are strong!!!

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