From My Journal Entry This Morning

The darkness pushes through trying to envelope me, like a boa constrictor squeezing every time I breathe.

I need Him. I need to breathe Him in! Yahweh! Yahweh! I am weak! Yahweh…..I am desperate! 

It’s the lack of sun’s rays upon my face, too many days battling a cold virus, indoors and not enough exercise. My legs are weak. It’s only been a few weeks. Too long for this myelin damaged girl. 

I want to crawl under the warmth of my blankets and stay there asleep–no one bother me, no one crush my tenderness and no one shake my fragile nerves. 

Oh, I am desperate. Desperate for You to free me from this dark place. Shine Your light here. Shine your light upon me. I need You!

And He shines His light on me through His word…..

Countenance gloomy, filled with grief, these men walked reasoning trying to make sense of all they were experiencing and little did they know who drew near to their side. He, this unknown man, conversing, making known the unknown and making sense of the deep mysteries of God walked with them a great journey. It wasn’t until they dined with Him that their eyes were opened to their Precious Company. The very one they thought was gone was VERY PRESENT and their hearts were overcome. He had lit a flame within their hearts in this place of struggle, grief, fear and weakness.

As this Ever Present One came to His disciples He gave peace-exemption from rage and the havoc of war. Oh, this great battle in the heavenlies that was and is being fought, we are not victim to you! We have been given PEACE, exemption, freedom! He blesses and we in turn are filled with praise, worship and great joy! We have been given power from on high! We no longer wait for it. It is ever present filling and overflowing our lives. Hallelujah, Christ is risen! Hallelujah! I am free! Free to seek Him. Free to fight the darkness that seeks to overtake me. Free to see His light! I see His light….and I have peace! I have to keep looking to the Ever Present One. He is here.

Note: My devotional verses this morning were Luke 24:13-53.

M.S. patients often lack vitamin D. I will be getting some soon as I ran out recently. I will also be getting out of doors as soon as the weather permits. This may help me physically. Sometimes, there is a clear reason we battle. It can be lack of sleep, lack of proper nutrition, chemical imbalance, lack of exercise, lack of fresh air and clean water. There are so many reasons to which I am not neglecting to tackle any of the above issues. Either way, Jesus is my peace and I am not on this journey alone. He walks with me.

One thought on “From My Journal Entry This Morning”

  1. Very real and very powerful. Thankful for your transparency. How many more of us need to be encouraged and reminded we are not in the battle alone. Love you!

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