“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”

The search for healing started long before my diagnosis. My husband is susceptible to skin cancer and colon cancer due to family genetics and quite possibly similar eating habits. That was not something either of us wanted to face but both of us knew we needed to be wise to prevent such events from taking place. My husband also had a severe chemical imbalance during the season before I was diagnosed and we did not feel peace about drugs for him either. We were in serious prayer about how to help him. The long time issue we had been facing was with our seven year old son. He has severe Gastroesophageal Relux Disorder. Food has been coming back up from his stomach since birth. We didn’t notice the abnormality of it until he was two or three years old. Apparently his sphyncter muscle (the valve that closes off the stomach to the esophageas) isn’t closing properly so food and acid moves its way back up into his mouth. Doctor’s wanted to put him on Prilosec. The problem with Prilosec is it calms the acid but doesn’t prevent the food and acid from coming back up.  Surgery is not an option until he is much older. These concerns weighed heavy on our minds. I prayed daily that God would give us wisdom to help my baby boy. If the acid keeps coming up in strong fashion as it was it could eventually cause Esophageal Cancer. What mother wants her baby to face such a horrendous pain?  I cried out to God (and still do) for healing and wisdom regarding his condition as well.

It was a week before I was diagnosed that my husband told me he had been praying heavily about what to do regarding his own health and he felt God was leading him to juice. We didn’t really know where to start with that but knew it was going to be a really good option for our family and for my husband’s healing. Little did we know this was the beginning of our journey to health and healing in so many ways.

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