My Path To Remission and Drug Free Healing for my Loved Ones

A month had gone by since my diagnosis and we were in survival mode, spinning our wheels and moving ever so slow to any change. We just didn’t know where to start and the fact that I couldn’t stand up for very long made change all the harder for us. It wasn’t until a friend from New York City connected me with her friend in North Carolina that a picture came into view of how we were going to make a change or what we fully needed to do. This sweet, young woman named Amanda shared her positive M.S. story with me. She shared her journey of juicing and taking meat and dairy out of her diet. She shared the progress she has made and the adjustments she has made since having children.

After juicing for many years and seeing great results she just couldn’t keep up with it as much due to the busyness of her life. That is when she was introduced to Juice Plus. Juice Plus is a whole food capsule or gummy that is full of antioxidants and phytonutrients via real, concentrated fruits and vegetables. She had been taking Juice Plus for a few years and still seeing great results. I was almost immediately on board. We didn’t have a juicer and if we did I wouldn’t be able to stand long enough to do the work of juicing and cleaning up. I also had four children to tend to in this process. The cost of juicing was another factor that I just didn’t know how I was going to manage. After prayer and talking with hubby, we decided to join Juice Plus and begin taking it ourselves. My children were also able to get it free with their Children’s Health Study program. All I could think was, “SWEEEET!”. This is a way to flood my body with mass nutrients, phytonutrients and antioxidants that would in turn enable my body to make healthy cells.

The next step was learning how to stop putting toxins into my body. She shared with me about Hallelujah Acres, a ministry that helps me experience healing via food. My hubby and I researched like crazy. I read, “The Maker’s Diet” and “The Hallelujah Diet”. I read article after article after article. As time went on we also reached out to the dietitians my husband knew through employment and one after the other commended our choice to get rid of meat and diary out of our diet. They told us what to supplement and what to watch for. They told us what to make sure our children were getting as well.

It took one day. Just one. The night before Father’s Day 2012, we had Barbecued Chicken Legs, a green veggie and probably macaroni and cheese or something like it. The day of Father’s Day we decided “today is the day” and we never looked back. That evening we had CousCous and Artichokes. We felt so satisfied, no tummy aches and so ready to change our lifestyle of food. We didn’t know what we know now. We have learned so many wonderful recipes and never feel like we are missing out. As a matter of fact, we often feel like others are missing out on enjoying their food and feeling great! Our diet is a low acid diet so my son has no need for drugs. My husband has fully healed from his anxiety and as of fifteen months after my diagnosis there was no progression in my illness. I made such good progress that my new neurologist didn’t even think I had M.S. That is a story for another day.   😉


Here are some links regarding our diet and Juice Plus.

If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them. I am not a nurse or trained professional. I am only sharing what is working for our family and the way we love to eat.

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