Where There is Love There is Life


The Harvest Days are here! I love the rich red and orange colors and the cinnamon and clove smells. I love all things pumpkin and the fun of the patches that beckon our family for fun. We love the picturesque opportunities and memory making corn mazes and sipping of Apple Cider. This, coming from a Southern California girl who has very little season changes but oh, it is just right for my temperature sensitive body. Today it was low 80’s and in the shade it was just right for my tired body.


There has been so many wonderful parties and plans and ministry fun but this body can only handle so much. I am a slow learner and learning my limits is not an easy one. Strength and stamina can change at the drop of a hat for me. It’s just my reality as of late. I pick up something and move it and I can, oh, I can do it but boy, oh boy, I pay for it after I’ve conquered it! Oh, I can’t tell you how often I do that.


So today, I count my blessings. The blessings in smelling the piggy wigs that raced and hearing the kids cheering, the eyes that could see the vibrant colors of blooming flowers and herbs bursting forth. I rejoice in the stability of my legs to walk the corn maze and chase after my busy boys. Oh, how I am so thankful for Fall and Love and God’s joy in the midst of trials.



It is only in His loving presence that we have fullness of joy. He came that we may have life and life more abundantly.


He is Love!
As long as we have Him, we always Life!

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