Set Free from the Pit


The intention is never to crawl into a pit. As a matter of fact, we so badly want to thrive that we fear losing it and then we slowly, subtly become inebriated with our toxic fear. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. If you have received the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ then you have been filled with the Holy Spirit of God. He is your freedom! God has not given us the spirit of fear. If we have fear it is from our flesh and the enemy of our souls. God has given us resurrection power! Power to break free from every stronghold and every chain that binds us whether through a traumatic childhood, a life experience, sin or stumble, the blind spots we keep without realizing it and ANYTHING that keeps you under the influence of its power. You are free! In Jesus Name! As He raised Jesus Christ from the dead, He sets you free from that which holds you down.  And oh,  His great love that He pours over and into us and then through us. Free. Free to receive His love. Free to walk in His love and free to share His love.  And this great battle of the mind that rages, He gives soundness, discipline and self control to your thoughts. You are able to be in control of your thought patterns. Your thoughts don’t have to lead you into a pit. They can lead you to the mountaintops of joy and peace.(2 Corinthians 3:17; 2 Timothy 1:7)

Perfect love casts out fear. The enemy whispers, “If the Father really loves you would He allow this in your life?” But when we know the Father’s love for us, we cast the lies of the enemy right back to the pit of hell and we walk in freedom.

The Father is our Peace. If we have no peace, no joy, no self control of the mind then, sweet friends, something else is at work. The enemy of our souls is fooling us with his lies and stealing the very gifts that God has imparted to us through His Son! Do you doubt that you can have joy in the midst of suffering? His word tells us, “In His presence is fullness of joy!” There is no fear in His love. Fear involves torment. God is love and love brings freedom.  HE LOVES US! We can trust that whatever trial we encounter, He is still with us. His heart aches seeing us suffer but He will use all things for greater purposes. What we face here on this earth is refining us, conforming us to the image of His Son. Nothing has the power to seperate us from God’s love, not illness or sin or weakness, not struggling soul and mind. Nothing can seperate you from the Love of God. (1 John 4:16-19; Isaiah 9:6; 1 John 4:8; Psalm 16:11; Romans 8:28-29; Romans 8:37-39)

I am praying for us today that we would no longer allow the enemy a foothold in our thought patterns. I am praying that today we would choose our thoughts well and if any thoughts contradict the word of God and His truth that we would no longer entertain them. It takes a purposeful person to overcome negative patterns but I know you and I can do it. I know we can stay out of the pit that slowly eats away our souls. God has enabled us already! He has come to set the captives free! We are free indeed!

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