Keep on Laughing

Hi Friends! I just wanted to remind you to keep laughing. Sweet-Woman-of-Laughter, Liz Curtis Higgs had shared that laughter lowers pain by 21 percent via a university study. I don’t have the details on that study but type it in Google and you will find plenty of positive scientific info on laughter and the body. It all backs up God’s word that a merry heart truly is good  medicine.

Oh, goodness, on average, toddlers laugh fifteen times an hour. They find the simplest things to be funny. If you blow hair out of your face, they will laugh. If you make funny noises they will laugh. What lightheartedness and joy they bring to any environment.

We are called to be “like” children (Matt. 18). Is it the humility, simple mindedness, willingness to yield to a loving Father? Perhaps it is also the carefree trust of a child that God calls us to be, casting all our cares on Him because He cares for us  (1 Pet. 5:7).

We can let go. We can laugh. We can be free to enjoy the butterfly fluttering by and the smell of the rose bud. We can walk or wheel outside and feel the rain drops dripping onto our skin and inhale the delicious smell of wet cement. Oh, we can laugh. This life is one tiny morsel of sand on the spectrum of eternity.

Today, let’s choose to see the joys of today, see Him present, hear His song over us and His touch of comfort. We can let go. He has it all in His hands.

Here are some links on the positive benefits of laughter:

And here is a video of sweetness to bring smiles and laughter.

2 thoughts on “Keep on Laughing”

  1. What a joy to see you writing such awesome stuff. You are so right about laughter. I think that is why we laugh about things that happen that we really shouldn’t be laughing about. First instinct is to laugh, whether we are nervous, or scared sometimes, or want to be serious with our kids but can’t help but laugh. Yep, laughter could be saving lives, especially in the last case. Lol


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