For Those Who Wanted a Bit more Info on LDN.

I watched this video about four or five months ago. After reading the comments in the You Tube comments section below the video I saw a number of people finding positive benefits.

One person wrote, “I take LDN for (supposed) Fibromyalgia, it has done more to control pain and improve fatigue than ANY thing else. Forget Cymbalta and Lyrica this stuff did me far more good. If they tell you you have CFS or Fibro look into it!”

Another person who it seems has M.S. wrote, “I’ve been using it for almost a year. Along with diet, it has REALLY helped. I walk now with a cane and used to be completely dependent. Do your research. It works. Since it is already FDA approved, Big Pharma can’t make money on it. So the only reason you hear negative anything is because Big Pharma gets loads of money from the traditional drugs that cost a fortune.”

And a wife wrote this about her husband, “LDN also worked for husband, Noel, who has PPMS. I published a book about our experience, “Up the Creek with a Paddle” in 2005. Noel has no new symptoms since he started 4.5mg LDN in september 2002. It is wonderful to see LDN make the news!! Well done!!”

Another person wrote that it was working for her Hashimoto’s and another person shared that she was battling cancer and it had helped her live long past her life expectancy.

I still don’t want to claim that this is a Miracle Drug but it certainly has positive benefits and is worth looking into.

Have a wonderful night. Sleep well my friends.

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