Hurt People, Hurt People

My heart beat wildly about my chest as I watched three unknown boys taunt my son behind his back. One pretended to throw the football at him and the other one gestured and questioned why he was going to the neighbor’s. My eldest son was oblivious to the boys behavior. The only thing he knew was that he asked them to play tennis with him and they chose not to answer him. Nothing. My son turned around and walked away and that is when I witnessed these boys behaving all out rude. Of course they were unaware that a mama bear was watching the entire incident, that is until this mama bear let my presence be known. 🙂

I was reminded of the cruelty of people. This feeling of need or right to hurt others when they have been hurt. Ugh. One of the boys told me that other kids treat HIM that way. When I asked him if he liked it, he shook his head no while he looked into my eyes. No. But he in turn treats others with that same disrespect. Trying to make himself look better than someone else, he taunts, ridicules, denies friendship just so that he will look better than someone else. Hurt people, hurt people.

My heart aches for these boys, their parents uninvolved, their pains revealed through pain given. My son was unaware at how mean these boys were behaving but I saw a glimpse of ugly and was reminded how important it is to be present in our children’s lives and to train them up to be men and women of honor no matter how everyone else is behaving. Will they always do things right? Most likely not. But oh, that we would raise up a generation of strong men who know how to be kind and self controlled, lifting others up and not pulling them down. Oh, that we would raise up a generation of women who speak kindly of other women and build them up with their words rather than tear them down with judgement and piercing words.

Let us be the one to pray for the hurt children. It would be much easier to be angry and carry a chip on my shoulder towards these unruly, rude boys but it won’t do any good. These boys need love and guidance. They need us to reach out and wrap our arms around them and tell them we accept them just the way they are because our Jesus does. Hurt people, hurt people but loved people who know they are loved, love others.

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