Music Moves The Spirit


It was a Sunday morning church service. I was singing and worshiping the Lord when the drummer caught my eye. It wasn’t because he was attractive. No. It was that this drummer was a woman in her late forties to mid fifties and she was rocking out worshiping Jesus. With every step of the pedal, stick to the pad, cymbals brushed, my heart became overwhelmed and tears began pouring out uncontrollably. I am not quite sure why her playing moved me so much but maybe it was that she was a rare jewel, out of the box and playing as unto Jesus in femininity and beauty. It was awesome!

Children singing together whether in harmony and in tune or a little off but heart felt and strong will cause weepy eye syndrome. A dance, a song, my daughter playing the violin or my sons playing the piano, oh, my heart melts. Music moves the spirit. Music was made to worship God and unless intended for another it is glory to Him. It is His artistry that enabled the violinist to move her bow across His coarsely made horse hair and with skill to play such notes that worship Him. It is His hands that molded these boys of mine to read the notes, remember them and grow in skill to play them fine and beautiful. Of course, their amazing teachers have given so much but without the gift of their arms moving they wouldn’t be able to play.

Scientists say that the brain of the music maker experiences a fireworks show of sorts when he or she is playing music. The brain is making beauty even as the body and mind interact in this dance of notes and body movement. It is truly stunning.


I believe this power of music on our spirit is exactly why we must choose our music well and wisely. I expose my children to a wide variety of genres but choose carefully the words that will be flowing into their ears. I also help them to see the difference music makes on our moods. When we listen to heavy metal sorts it increases angst and aggression within even when the words are wholesome. When we listen to upbeat music it causes our hips to rock and our feet to move and classical can bring a variety of feelings depending on the tempo. The words that are sung will change our thought process in a positive or negative light. Choose well.

If you have always wanted to learn an instrument, you are never too young to do so. If you have an illness I encourage you to do so all the more! It will help you fight off dementia and it will help your body and brain to relate with one another better. It is also incredibly healing to sit down with your instrument and connect with the music in a deep and enriching way.

2 thoughts on “Music Moves The Spirit”

  1. I am so impressed with your joy your desire to be joyous in all situations. I love your blogs and I love your family. I look for your healing as one of the first that Jesus has planned when the church totally surrenders on Saturday nights. But I know that whether or not our desires come to pass for you that you will always make your stand and serve God with all of your heart as you minister to Him and to your family and to all of us as well.


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