Three Thousand Gifts


It was many months after diagnosis that someone brought me the book, “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voscamp. Page by page I grew a greater sense of hope and joy began to sprout anew. Tears poured out over the rich words and a holy habit began. The Psalms Journal given to me when I was in the hospital became the home of the sweet renderings.

Day by day I opened the journal and poured out thanksgiving. There were days the book stayed shut. I struggled to see. And as the days continued I began to grow more and more thankful. I began to see more and more each day.

I was thankful I could get on the stair stepper. Thankful I could step up and down for five painful minutes. I. Could. Do. It. Thankful that I could still hear and see. Thankful for hot showers and washing machine. Thankful for Nerf gun fights and rowdy boys, pink tails and sweetness.

I began to see the light. I began to see the Gift giver in the gifts surrounding me, even in the ugly, difficult and messy.

I am have now completed the blue, hard cover journal. It houses three thousand thanksgivings. A new book has been opened.


This new journal continues the journey of seeing the Gift Giver in the gifts, the light in the darkness, giving me eyes to see and a heart of joy. IMG_9109

What are you thankful for today? What are the blessings you missed today because your eyes are dim or the darkness has shadowed your perception? You are surrounded by God’s presence. You are not alone. He Is Here. He is right in the midst of the ugly and He is calling you to Himself. He loves you. He painted the sky in its rich hues for you. He gave such stunning fragrance and design to the flowers for you to enjoy and to see Him.

See Him today. Start your own holy habit of thanksgiving. Even in the pain, the heartache, the frustration; speak out and write out your thanksgiving to God. You will see the light breaking through. You are worth it. You were worth it all.

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