‘Tis the Season…Fa….la…..la….

‘Tis the season for crazy. With sickness over taking every.single.person in my household for WAY TOO LONG  and then two birthdays the week of Christmas and trying to make all the “special” days “special”, well……I am tired and in a funk.

It doesn’t matter that I am organized and have all my shopping and wrapping done early. It doesn’t matter that I have the “special” days and events food list on the fridge and I am stocked up. It. doesn’t. matter. I seem to have a knack for overtiring myself with the desire for perfection. I want everything to flow “just” right and since we are on a budget and eat healthy I have a lot of “special’s” to make. 😉

I wouldn’t trade the traditions we share (I will share about those later) or the feasting we enjoy for anything. I LOVE OUR TRADITIONS and the people with whom I get to celebrate. It’s just that my striving for perfection begins to pull me away from Jesus. I pull away from The God I am celebrating, the One for whom I am living and breathing and yet I begin to breathe in and out the hustle and bustle of the world and pull away from intimacy with the Father.

Isn’t it ridiculous that we do this so very often. Some of us overwork so our kids can have more and yet all our kids want is our time. Some of us strive to have a clean house so that we can make it a sanctuary but our attitudes pull down every pleasantry available.

Christmas is all about Jesus and many of us give extra gifts to the needy, we attend somewhere for church, we fulfill some type of spiritual list that we think is important and yet our hearts are so very far from Him. All He wants is our heart.  He wants us. Our devotion. Our intimacy. Our time.

So, my question for you is, “what prevents you from being all for Jesus this time of year?” “What do you allow to rob Jesus of your time with Him?”.

“As the Father loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.”

John 15:9

Remain. Rest. Release.

Soak Him In.

He is present. The Present of this Season. The greatest present of all time.



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