Happy to Have a New Year

The year 2,015 didn’t start well for me. I entered the new year seeking treatment for bowels that were a little two numb for peace of mind. Sluggish would be the way to describe it and as my mom, Jason and I sat down to decide what to do while tears filled my eyes, we sought a new doctor and another treatment of steroids.

The year flew by and I feel as though sluggish still names a part of me. My spirit has been sluggish. I started a new treatment for my body and I have made wonderful progress for which I am incredibly thankful but still my soul fills heavy, weary, longing.

I kneeled on my bedroom floor tonight and cried out to the Father, asking, “What should I be doing this year? What goal should I have for my soul?”

The answer I believe God gave me,

“Be still.

Know that  I am God.”

That has been my lack of 2015. This busy girl allowed my soul to be too busy for He whom I am most desperate. I have missed my daily quiet times of pouring out my soul and allowing Him to fill my cup, running on empty, putt- puttering through life, trying to live abundantly detached from Abundance.

So, as this new day begins and this 2,016th year rings in I am choosing to be still. Be still so that I may know God in the midst of the instability we are experiencing in America and the wonderful craziness of a home full of children and home educating and life, that I may run my race well, that I may leave a wonderful legacy for my children and those after me to remember. Be still that I may know my God.

What are your spiritual goals this day, this beginning of a new year? My prayer is that we would set our mind on heavenly things, not just getting healthier physically and mentally but spiritually leaning into God, abiding in the vine, growing in Him, closer to Him.

2 thoughts on “Happy to Have a New Year”

  1. Oh yes, this scripture was given to me too! Just 2 days ago!
    Maybe it is God’s special year for all of His children to be still. I was crying out for you this morning, and then read this. Oh my sweet friend, I’m so sorry for your hard moments. Let us both not be sluggish (as I so easily tend toward) but rich in faith and communion with our Jesus! I love you, my friend.


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