The Mentor I Didn’t Know I Needed

2005- Snuggles with my darling first born son. 

I was in the season of first-baby; swaddling, nursing, cooing, babbling and adoration and second baby forming in my womb.  My heart was thrumming for the years ahead; educating, raising them up for Jesus. There was more to the child rearing than I had known but I didn’t know how, what, when or where. I didn’t know how badly I wanted and needed a mentor.  I just knew I had passionate desires for my children without the knowhow to get there.

A dear friend of mine invited me to a small talk to be given by author and speaker, Sally Clarkson. The focus was home educating. My heart thundered on every word she spoke. She shared practical ways for me to fulfill this homeschool desire but she also shared emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to this life of learning. This was the beginning of mentoring by Sally.

I began to get her books and sit down with other women to read and discuss them.  We opened God’s word and chewed on every nugget He gave for parenting His way. Many of us wrestled with what we had been taught by our parents, the church or our own preconceived ideas and compared and worked through them with God’s infallible truths.

I attended  many of Sally’s Mom Heart Conferences over the years and received encouragement for God’s heart for mothers and mothering, God’s heart for children and discipleship and so much more. Sally’s heart is not just to mentor home educating mother’s but ALL mothers and ALL women!  Five years ago, I had the privilege to join Sally in her home with an amazing group of women for fellowship, encouragement in our gifts and discipleship. God used that time to stir within me His call on my life. I am still learning to walk in that call but I believe that time was pivotal in launching me into all that God had for me.

Sally Clarkson and I at the Mom Heart Intensive Training

God uses people down the street, far away,  young and old, book writers, blog writers and so many different people to teach us, minister to us and mentor us spiritually . When we allow Him to speak to our souls and we humbly allow others to challenge us, we find a treasure we never knew was awaiting us. This is why I write and why I host a Mom Heart group in my home. It isn’t because Sally is perfect that God has used her all over the world, it is because she is available for God to use. I am not perfect and I don’t have this mothering thing down but I do have the Holy Spirit as my guide and counselor and I still have Sally and her books as my mentor.

Books of Mentoring, Friendships formed

This week, my little Mom Heart group will begin introduction to “Own Your Life” by Sally Clarkson. We will dig deep into God’s word and discipleship and allow God to speak to our hearts as He so desires. We are mama’s hungry to learn from Him and we allow God to use others to encourage us on this journey of motherhood. Motherhood  is not an easy road and it is so much easier to walk it with other women who love Jesus too. We are all fallen, weak and in need of His daily grace.

If you are local, feel free to join us. Reach out to me for more information.  If you are distant, there are groups all over the world. Check out I also encourage you to pick up Sally’s newest book, “The Life Giving Home”.  This message is so very near and dear to my heart and so many of the traditions and life patterns I learned from Sally and her family.

Love and Joy in your home today,



PS. Here is the link for “Own Your Life” 



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