Out of the Mouth of Babes and The Power of a Parent’s Words

Wet streaks smeared down her sweet face, we cuddled on my oversized chair and she poured out her tender heart. My very mature beyond her years seven year old poured out her woes and hurts and offenses. The number of issues did not seem to end and then she spoke these words with sincerity and deep love for God,

“I don’t know if I will ever love God like you do. I want to hear His voice. When I hear Him, He sounds a lot like you and daddy.”


He sounds like Jason and I? Wow….

What exactly does that sound like? What tone does she hear? What imprint of God am I leaving on my little girl? She adores her daddy and I. We are a safe haven but what do our voices sound like to our sweet, impressionable child who is longing to see the face of God and hear His voice to know which way to go?

The power of our touch, our face expressions, our tone of voice and the words we say are really beyond comprehension. We can change a life and change the world and it begins with these souls entrusted to our daily care.

Our voice imprints on our children’s minds and hearts and gives a depiction of the heart of God whether it is accurate or not. This is why so many adults view God in the wrong light. It is often a depiction of their father (ie: harsh, judgemental, hard to please, ready to strike, etc). And the few of us who have had gentle fathers, kind and tender hearted, gracious-we see the Father as such.

Oh, that we would look into the mirror of scripture and see ourselves as we really are and allow God to change us from within that we may be new and be a true representation of the Father.  Today is always a new day. And today, we can by the power of the Holy Spirit strike the old thoughts of who God is and love Him for who He really is and then represent Him properly to these precious babes of whatever age your children are. They may be in their sixties. It is never too late.

Smile more often.

Tell them you love who they are.

Tell them of the great plan God has for them and God will use their gifts in amazing ways.

Believe in them and tell them you do.

Tell them you are sorry when you error or sin. Ask for forgiveness.

Hug your babies, kiss their heads, linger long, rub their backs.

Do something your  kids enjoy just because they enjoy it.

Tell them you love them and make time for each child so they know they are valued and loved.

Today is the day! Be brave. Break the old habits and begin the new.

Your voice may be the only voice of God your children are currently hearing. What do you want His voice to sound like to your babe?

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