An Unsent Letter

You saw me fall into that doughboy pool dug deep into the ground and you rescued me. I was so young that memory doesn’t recall that day. I just know that you were watching out for me, watching over me and willing to save me.

Many years later when I was confident as could be that I remembered how to swim I jumped in the Frieling’s pool. I don’t know who saw and I don’t remember the rescue but the Frieling’s remember, it was you. It was you watching over me and rescuing me again.

We want to save the people we love and sometimes God gives us loved ones to watch over us and live like heavenly hosts protecting us on earth.

Sometimes life’s pain pulls and strains once strong relationships. An unnecessary distance creeps in and life isn’t what it used to be.

In your silence, I know you hurt. It hurts when you want to save someone from their painful circumstances and you can’t. You. Just. Aren’t. Able.

You can’t save me from the dangerous waters of disease and it must hurt to stand on the side, watching. In your silence I sense your helplessness.
I wish to ease your discomfort.

I can’t pretend this place is comfortable or where I really want to swim but I can say that my life is not my own. Whatever my Good, Good Father has allowed this fallen world to throw upon me, He will also bear me up and carry me. You don’t have to rescue me. You can just hold my hand and be my friend as I tread these difficult waters.

You have a choice. You can choose to stay at a distance and I will choose to not take it personal. I understand it is easier for you to stay away rather than watch my pain.

I sure hope you choose to be my friend again. You don’t even have to have a life saver with you. I already have the Life Saver wrapping His loving arms around me.

Thank you for saving me once upon a time.

I love you always,


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