“It is Better to have Crooked Legs than a Crooked Spirit”

A young boy battles a horrific virus and loses strength in his legs. He recovers from the virus but his body has not fully recovered to pre-sickness status. The monk caring for him takes him to the water daily to exercise.

“‘Think you it is really helping my legs to swim?’ the boy asked anxiously. “I cannot straighten my back, and can walk only as before, halfway bent over. What think you, Brother Luke, shall I ever straighten? ‘

‘I know not what to think about that.’ Brother Luke sighed. Then he lifted his head and said firmly, ‘God alone knows whether thou’lt straighten or no. I know not. But this I tell thee. A fine and beautiful life lies before thee, because thou hast a lively mind and a good wit. Thine arms are very strong and sturdy. Swimming hath helped to make them so, but only because thou hast had the will to do it. Fret not, my son. None of us is perfect. It is better to have crooked legs than a crooked spirit. We can only do the best we can with what we have. That, after all, is the measure of success: what we do with what we have. Come, let us go on.'”  -“The Door in the Wall” by Marguerite De AngeliI

I can only do the best with what I have. Weakness and mess, I still have so much to succeed. Compared to 98% of the world, I am rich. And indeed spiritually, I am rich!  I have an abundance. Motherhood is beautiful and messy all rolled up in a ball of love. I can’t mother well on my own. I need the Savior’s grace to keep me and strengthen me daily.

Teaching my babes at home is one of the hardest tasks I have but treasured moments of learning together, growing together, intimacy of life and depth of character make it all worth it. My character is challenged just as much as theirs. Scrape, scrape, scrape, the Father scrapes the swollen pride, unkindness in my heart, impatient spirit and desire for control.  Crooked legs is better than a crooked spirit.

Life is exercise of spirit. The path we choose, choices we make, the hard road may lead to the greatest success.  The harder road may lead to greater beauty of spirit. The hard road may change lives around us for the better. The hard road may lead to a bigger limp but a greater legacy.

Will to do great things and great things you will do! Stretch beyond your own capacity and lean into God. He will uphold you. He will not let you go.

What is it He is calling you to do today?

Come! Let us go on!

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