The Purpose of My Writing

“Sometimes, it’s more than being afraid of any broken things-we’re afraid to be a burden to anyone. Sometimes-we just can’t bear the thought that our brokenness might break anyone else. Sometimes-it seems easier to bury our hurt than break anyone’s heart.” Ann Voscamp, “The Broken Way”

It seems easier to hide the pain, the struggles, the weariness of it all. It would seem to   make coping with life easier if I push it aside and not talk about it, write about it and even dismiss what I am experiencing but I know the truth. I know that my brokenness enables you to reach out to me in your brokenness. It’s like we are in a club of the broken, beaten down but not destroyed, weary but pressing into the One who can give us strength. We did not ask to join this club because, let’s be real, no one really wants to be in this club but we want to fight on and thrive on and not let life beat us down.

“It’s okay, It’s okay to not be okay.” (The Broken Way)

It is okay to not be okay and that is why I write to you. I share my broken with you so you know you can share your broken with others. It’s in sharing our broken with others that we allow people into the deepest caves of our hearts, the secret places. Beauty happens in the broken. “Miracles happen in the broken.”

“Maybe communion happens not only when we’re broken  and given- but when we give each other our brokenness.”

“Maybe what’s given out of strength can show care through our willingness to give . But everything given out of our brokenness can show greater love through our willingness to suffer. Any healing communion that we can give will come not through our strength, but through our brokenness.”

“Generosity does give birth to intimacy- but there’s a far deeper intimacy when we’re generous in sharing our brokenness. If you can be brave enough, vulnerable enough, humble enough, trust enough, and give the most broken shards of your heart to another believing broken heart…then is  it your own broken shards that can best open up another heart?” -Ann Voscamp “The Broken Way”

Vulnerability is nitty gritty, hard. Laying the mask down can be ugly and brutal but it can also bring life and depth and intimacy. It can allow healing and beauty to unfold. Pray for a soul to open up to. Pray for a safe person(s) to be broken and unashamed. You may find God’s hands touch yours. You may experience His presence near in new ways, His arms wrapped around you in love and His care through flesh and blood. Be open to being broken and let the Father knit your heart to others like never before.

You are loved,


P.S. I highly recommend Ann’s book, “The Broken Way-A daring path into the abundant life”.  I chew on a few pages at a time because it is so delicious and rich.

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