Cryotherapy-Third Time


Third time is a charm. Maybe so. Only time will tell.

The kids and I were picked up and delivered by one of my dearest friend’s Michelle and her son. We were cared for and treated like Royalty, even delivering me to the bathroom that is located at the end of the building and then her son opening the door for me as I entered the building. It’s always fun to hang with friends but every time I am with Michelle and her son it always has layered blessings with a cherry on top.

Tuesday’s treatment got to -241 degrees and at minute one the fight or flight mechanism of my brain went off and I kept picturing myself busting through the door of the chamber to be free. I called to the kids to tell me about vacation bible school and all they are learning. I asked questions between movements and shivers and desirings to flee. I can laugh about it now  but in the moment there was a serious battle going on.

I go for treatment four tomorrow and five on Friday.

Everyone is asking if I notice a difference. I felt like I was moving a little better on Monday and Tuesday but this is Vacation Bible School week at our church and I am helping with photography. I hung in there the first night and a half but I was experiencing a lot more pain and incredible fatigue as the evening went on last night. I would sit and rest and then take pictures, then sit and rest and go back to taking pictures. Today, I battled the need for rest and missing out on Crazy Hair Day at VBS but knew my body needed rest. I had to stay home tonight, soak in Jesus, experience quiet and give my body physical respite. I will be really honest-I really did not want to miss VBS and I wanted to be ABLE to take pictures tonight. I wanted to throw a tantrum. It was at the point this morning when I was winding up to throw it all down and whine that a friend sent me a song and the Lord used it to remind me that rest is a good thing and He was calling me to quiet with Him. He is so sweet like that.

If you are battling against resting your body, stop it. lol. Choose to see the time as precious, a gift and a time to draw near to Your Heavenly Father. Soak it all in.


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