Fourth and Fifth Days of Cryotherapy

Every time I type Cryotherapy into my electronic calendar it magically turns into Cry Therapy. Seriously. Cry Therapy.

Fourth Day chicken legs. My skin is clearly agitated more this day than any other.

My fourth experience was almost to the cry therapy point. I was in at the one minute point and my skin was burning and burning bad. I kept thinking, “Oh my goodness, frostbite. I had my cooling wrap on my legs in the car and maybe they weren’t dry enough before entering the machine.” I rubbed my legs with my glove laden hands and lifted my legs up and down even more than I normally do. The burning sensation was intensifying. At two minutes I told the tech that I did not think I could make it to three minutes. I painfully made it to 2 minutes and 45 seconds. The pain was intense and I was forcing myself to inhale and exhale. When I exited I could not let the kids touch my legs and I had to keep moving, as well as I am able, to warm up. I slowly warmed and the burning pain slowly dulled.

Day Four

The fifth treatment was today and I managed to get to the three minute mark. My skin still burned and my body ached but I begrudgingly pushed through. I was blessed to have my hubby there today. He is always rooting me on! My babies have become incredible encouragers to me as they distract me from my pain, cheer me on and warm me the moment I exit the machine. This journey is giving them hearts of compassion and empathy. I hate that they have to see me in pain but I see God using it to shape their character in amazing ways.

Here is a video my ten year old filmed. If you listen closely, you can hear my moans and grunts.


Yesterday, I witnessed a woman get into the machine right after I got out. She carried a full on conversation in what sounded like a totally normal tone and got out like she was in normal temperatures. God bless her, she made me feel like a wimp. All I know is it causes me great amounts of pain. A fan blowing on me causes me pain. My husband sweetly caressing my skin can cause me pain so please do not take my experience as what you would experience. I have heard from many athletes that LOVE this therapy and have found it incredibly helpful in recovery. I have been experiencing more nerve pain lately and  I really do believe  I am really trying to believe that this is a part of the healing process. I recently read that the MS body will experience more pain when the myelin sheath is being restored. Amen and pass the ice tea!

2 thoughts on “Fourth and Fifth Days of Cryotherapy”

  1. Love the Amen and pass the ice tea. Made me laugh and encouraged me knowing you are pressing on. I love your courage and perseverance. And of course I love you very much too.

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