About Me

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I love to draw near to people and walk the path of healing with them.  I love the exchange of deep thoughts and the power of God present in lives aware and unaware of His reality. I love capturing moments of beauty with and without my camera in hand.  I have the privilege of educating my four children at home and living as we learn. I love to laugh with them, read great books with them, drink tea with them and pretend that we are very civilized when in reality we are just learning to be civil.  I have been married to my wonderful, gracious husband for fourteen and a half years and I am still crazy in love with him. Multiple Sclerosis is a diagnosis that plagues me but I do not let it decide the path in which I will take. I choose to follow Jesus because He knows the worst of me and loves me the best.   I am so thankful you have joined me on this vast expanse of the internet. I pray that you will find encouragement for your journey in the midst of my raw pondering. You are NOT alone. You are loved deeply. Even in the midst of great darkness, there is light to be seen. Joy to you and yours.

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